Video Discussion: Bitter Cold and a Couple of Snow Chances

Good evening! The stretch of bitter cold is here and it’s just beginning, with the biggest cold still yet to come. We are going to see multiple areas of large, Arctic high pressure sprawling across the entire US with a bitterly cold air source. These areas of cold and high pressure will be reinforced by departing storm systems, and the shot of cold air on New Year’s Eve will be more impressive than the one we have now.

Our latest video breaks down why these Arctic high pressures are so impressive and why this is leading to such extreme cold, and the potential low temperatures that may be realized during this cold stretch. It also discusses the potential for light, fluffy snow from an Arctic wave on Saturday, and the potential for a bigger storm in the January 3-5 period.

The first half of the video is about the storm(s) and the pattern evolution, while the second half of the video is about the cold.

Have a great night!