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Sportscast: Showers Taper off For Yankees Game Tonight

Hey, Yankee fans it looks showers will taper off mostly in time for the game tonight. If you are going to game, you might still want to take an umbrella this evening. Some of latest guidance some linger showers that could move through the early innings.  This is our forecast from our SportsCast page is below:

Game Time: 7:05pm

Some showers with moderate to heavy downpours with a occluded or cold front moving across the region this afternoon. Latest 18z HRRR guidance indicates most of showers will taper off between 5pm and 6:30pm. Then perhaps another small line or batch showers with perhaps moderate or heavy downpours passing through the Bronx between 7pm and 9pm. If this occurs, a brief delay is possible. Otherwise, rest of the evening should be dry and the game will probably be played.

First pitch: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers or thunderstorm. Temperatures in the lower 60s. Winds southeast 5mph to 10mph

Fifth inning: Mostly cloudy. Slight chance of shower or thunderstorm. Temperatures in the lower 60s. Winds south 5mph to 10mph

Ninth inning: Mostly cloudy. Temperatures in the lower 60s. Winds west 5mph to 10mph.

Chance of delay: 30%

Chance of postponement: 0%

18z HRRR showing most showers clearing this early this evening.

18z HRRR model showing most showers moving east of the Bronx by game. ting Perhaps linger shower for early part of game.

Skies should clear later tonight. Then more sunshine tomorrow, until showers and thunderstorms become likely with another cold front late tomorrow afternoon and early tomorrow evening.  Some of these storms could strong with heavy rainfall, lightning, small hail and gusty winds. Yankee Stadium beginning at 1:05pm should be played through the ninth inning before any showers or t-storms arrive at the stadium. Temperatures will rise into lower to middle 70s at Yankee Stadium.

For Red Bulls fans, we also monitoring weather conditions for the game between Red Bulls II and Chicago Hare. Usually heavy rain doesn’t impact these games. But any cloud to lightning may to become to much of hazard for the game to play without delay. Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow on both games our SportsCast page.