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Public Analysis: The Wild Ride of Two Seasons Continues On

The wild roller coaster ride of temperatures that we are currently experiencing has taken another deep plunge-as promised. Though, this wild ride will continue as we make our way back up the tracks to much warmer temperatures by this weekend. The question is, will there be another rapid drop back down to winter-like temperatures? Find […]

Public Analysis: A Tale of Two Seasons This Week

Astronomical Spring has finally arrived even though meteorological Spring has been here since March 1st. The only difference between the two is that meteorological Spring is based on the division of our calendar into four separate seasons, each having three months in each season. This makes it easier for observations and the ability to compare […]

Public Analysis: Snow Possible Saturday, Quiet Week Ahead

Today has been a beautiful day in contrast with the previous few days across the entire area as temperatures have climbed into the mid-upper 40’s the afternoon underneath mostly sunny skies. While it does feel more comfortable outside, these temperatures are still below-normal for this time of year. Some gusty winds were noted this afternoon […]

3/12 PM All Zones Update: High-Impact Blizzard Likely Tuesday Into Wednesday

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